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bodywork training

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Body- and birth-workers deserve nourishing and inspiring training and a supportive community on their path.  The prenatal massage and bodywork course "Touch From Within", offers just that.

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This training is now available as a self-paced, online course - register anytime and join our online discussion community. Private in-person and mentoring sessions also available for those wishing to certify. Learn more here:

birth classes

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Extraordinary, embodied Birthing From Within® childbirth preparation as private or group classes in an online format for pregnant people and their chosen birth companions.  Build courage, compassion, and resiliency to meet the power of birth and beyond.

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Contact Jamie to inquire about future group in-person classes or to schedule a private in-person or virtual session.  



Session Details:

Invoke resiliency and radical self-love, heal shame, and restore balance and connection with your body, your baby, and yourself with an in-person bodywork/massage session. Offering Opening to Labor/Birth, Breech Body Balancing, Scar Tissue Remediation, and Pelvis Care Sessions for pregnancy and postpartum.

By appointment:

In office and In-Home sessions available.



Work virtually or in person 1:1 or in small groups with Jamie to develop your skills as a bodyworker or birth-worker.  Parents or birth workers wishing to bring new understanding and help integrate a challenging birth experience can also schedule virtual or in-person Birth Story Listening sessions.

book release

The Breech Release

Currently available as a printed, audio, and e-book.

Opening Pathways for Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork

The Breech Release is more than a series of techniques or maneuvers.  It is a process-based mindset that brings integrity, respect, and individualized care to those presenting breech at the end of pregnancy.

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latest articles

Force as Physiology

Through the lens of physiological and undisturbed birth we may adopt a rigid ideology to always be hands-off: that being hands-off is “better.” And, when might our hands and body and tools help maintain birthing physiology with their force? This may feel more obvious in moments of emergency support, but what about those less obvious moments where someone asks for or responds to or seems to need our touch as birthworkers? When is force physiological?


Fear As Sacred Visitor

As birthworkers we are the protectors of the psycho-neuro-endorcine experience of the birthing people we serve and work with. So it makes sense there is a strong message in the birth culture that fear in the birth space is bad. That fear is dangerous. And maybe even a sign that we are not doing our job as birthworkers if our clients are saying or showing that they are scared. But does fear really deserve such vilification in birth?


video courses

DANCES® prenatal massage

The DANCES® approach to prenatal massage and bodywork demonstrates how anyone can offer touch to pregnant people in a holistic, embodied, and accessible way. Bodyworkers and massage therapists, birthworkers (doulas, midwifes, nurses), or partners/friends will learn specific prenatal touch techniques within a cohesive container of gentle guidance by long-time teacher and bodyworker, Jamie Mossay.

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Nurturing Circulatory/Swedish Massage

Join long-time teacher and bodyworker Jamie Mossay on this epic Nurturing Circulatory/Swedish Massage experience. Over three hours of detailed instruction and guidance, a "practice along" segment, and bonus video segments including additional "practice-alongs", and conversations around massage therapy.

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hear from some of our clients and class participants

“My partner learned a TON about how to communicate with and support me. He really enjoyed the classes and it brought us closer together. We got to see and talk about our own expectations of labor and birth in a warm and supportive environment.”


“My partner and I have a better understanding of what each other expects and what might be actually helpful during the process of labor.”


“We now have an increased confidence in our ability to handle the intensity of labor. This course helped us talk, plan, and discover the deeper meaning of birth.”

A parent

“We enjoyed the small, intimate setting, and open discussion of each others' feelings. This was a different approach to childbirth preparation, and very warm.”


“I loved being able to have a safe place to delve deeper into the mystical side of birth. I loved how Jamie conducted the class, there was a lot of room to ponder, listen, and ask questions. I thought the class was wonderful. It also really helped facilitate discussions and bring up areas of further exploration for me and my birth companion”


"Your bodywork was incredible. Thank you for your time and skill. My body feels open and juicy."

LD - bodywork client

Jamie has a way of putting you at ease and making you feel welcome on a subconscious level long before your body crawls onto the table. What makes Jamie's bodywork different than every other massage I've has I think is that her touch is very soft, but firm in a way that doesn't go against your energy. Somehow she is able to match your own energy flow and "encourage" the muscles to relax. Like coaxing or inviting my body to relax. You not only receive hands-on healing with Jamie, but a holistic sense of wisdom about your own body that carries with you long after you descend her massage table.

Bodywork client

"She has a wonderful ability to teach without making you feel unqualified. Even if she needs to point out a mistake to you she does it in such a manner you never feel criticized - you feel advised and mentored.”

Daniel - bodywork student

“Jamie's acceptance, acknowledgment and grace of how each participant showed up is the biggest gift she gave us. She is so lovely and genuinely loves this work and it permeates every aspect of the course. I appreciated the sensitivity to different identities."

Loren - massage therapist and yoga instructor

“She is passionate about massage and knows what she is doing. She was always non-judgmental, extremely kind, and knows how to get back on track if someone got off track. She has a warm and loving energy about her teaching.”

Latryce - bodyworker

Meet Jamie Mossay

My name is Jamie Mossay (she/her), and I’ve been serving the San Diego community as a bodyworker and massage therapist for over 20 years, specializing in pregnant families. I was initiated into this work with my daughter's birth in 2007, and started supporting others as a birth companion (doula) in 2009. I'm the creator of the DANCES approach to prenatal bodywork and Birthing From Within's Touch From Within course, and co-author and illustrator of the book The Breech Release:  Opening Pathways for Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork.

My approach to birth support and my own spiritual path transformed utterly when I discovered Birthing From Within® in 2013, and started mentoring childbirth classes soon after the introductory training. I have since had advanced training as a Birth Story Listener®, became a Certified Birthing From Within Mentor in 2016, and then a Certified BFW Facilitator in 2020.
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Touch From Within

Birth and body workers can feel disconnected and insecure in their work. Touch From Within offers creativity and nourishment for their practice so they can serve clients with authenticity and clarity.

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Oct 14-16, 2022

Spinning Babies® 2022 World Confluence

The Spinning Babies® 5th annual conference brings birth professionals online to integrate a paradigm of Physiology Before Force. Enjoy new discoveries in anatomy, hormones, and techniques. Our changing world needs a third perspective, one where physiology informs the way to balance.

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April 20-23, 2023 in San Diego, April 29-May 2, 2023 in Cary, North Carolina

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Workshop

Join for 4-days of advanced learning. Embody our paradigm for fetal positioning in this clinical course for professionals.

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